Media One

The only one that does it all!

Media One – The only one that does it all

A golden touch in marketing ‘Publicity’ is always required for the concepts acquiring tangible forms of glorious expressions, while originating from the womb of creative visualization. In today’s era of information explosion and technology revolution, the definition of the word ‘Publicity’ is acquiring comprehensive dimensions. The traditional approach of publicizing a given product, an entrepreneur or a widely applicable service being provided, were only limited to evolving an appropriate image of the object of such publicity. But today the publicity techniques are deployed to reach up to maximum possible people and avail the same with an opportunity to tap the massive market potential. This dramatic change has proved to be an exclusively decisive factor causing a breathtaking progress of the Marathi entertainment industry today that was once upon a time known only as a poor domain deprived of any resources and was monopolized by barely few Television channels and few Marathi films that were released.

Throughout the first decade of this 21st century, Marathi Entertainment Industry has witnessed an exponential growth. ‘Media One’ takes pride of been committed to help Marathi films, theatre, television and all other types of cultural events in tasting the glory of success by bringing about a well-organized blend of all the innovatively evolving equations required for the publicity of the pioneering projects launched by a platoon of fresh talent of next generation producers, technicians, directors, and the actors of worthy potential. Needless to say, ‘Media One’ has fast emerged as a one point destination indulged in transforming the most evocative and ambitious visions of fresh talent from Marathi entertainment industry into reality.

 The hurricane wave of success in Marathi entertainment and entry of Corporate is bringing more and more areas under its influence with the growth in theatrical plays, escalation in film production, serials, events and Reality shows, along with increase in 24×7 Marathi news channels, FM radio stations, internet spread, and several new print media throughout Maharashtra state, which are now spreading throughout India & overseas. A fierce competition is calling for publicity in order to survive through this whole new wave. Knowing fully well the significance of this immense power, ‘Media One’ with its dedicated team has made possible all of these services of publicity available under a single roof, be it advertising, public relations, organizing events and seminars or tapping other promotional platforms. Knowing well that the merit of a publicity media is always more significant than their numerical strength of the publicity mediums available, ‘Media One’ has emerged as a leading enterprise offering all of these wide spectrum of media services to help you stay one step ahead in reaching out the potential targets. As of today, ‘Media One’ has successfully shouldered the awesome responsibility of offering publicity services to more than 300 films, plays, reality shows and variety of cultural events but without your precious support achieving this feat would be almost impossible.

 May all of your heartfelt good wishes and affectionate love continue to be bestowed upon ‘Media One’ forever.

With Warm Regards,

Ganesh Gargote & Entire team of Media One.

Media One – The only One that does it all!

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